Thursday, December 11, 2008

They just don't get it and more avoidance

First a correction on yesterday's news - its not two city councilors in Boston who are accused of corruption but the state senator and a city councilor. but of course they are innocent until proven guilty but there is photographic evidence. Now the people in Illinois I really don't understand - why is your governor still governing? These people don't get it. Another item I found very interesting in yesterday's news: Search on for missing Emu. Yes there is an escaped emu on the loose and his family misses him. If he stops by our bird feeder, I am not sure how the cat would react.

Are you wondering why I am not blabbing on and on about my health issues these days? Well, once again I am in avoidance mode. I have two more months until I go to the doctors again and I am avoiding all health issues in the meantime. Unless I am dripping blood or in extreme agony, I am not going to see a doctor during that time. I am on a medical vacation. (See note below on the two week rule.)

There are several reasons for this. First of all, my medical issues have caused me too much stress and anxiety in the past year and a half so I need a break. Second, I need to finish completely healing from my gall bladder and then I can decide if there are any other issues to be dealt with. Third, if anything 'new' happens, two months isn't going to make that much of a difference. I see two doctors in February and one more in April and another in May. I will get checked out then.

I believe in the two week rule for medical stuff. If something isn't going away or getting better in two weeks, you go to a doctor. If I have something in the interim that violates the two week rule, I will see medical attention. But I am not letting any pesky residual issues stress me out for the next two months. I will ignore them. (I also believe in the two day wallowing rule - when you get bad medical news, you can wallow in self pity for two days but then you have to move on with your life and deal with it.)

I have carefully honed my avoidance skills during the recent financial collapse and election season and am continuing them onto my medical life.

In the meantime, I did manage to get a hair cut yesterday and am happy to report the curly, Dr. Seuss character hair is almost completely gone. It is still too short but is returning to its normal color and texture. (As my husband pointed out, my resemblance to Yertle is disappearing. How thoughtful of him to notice. But at least he did notice my hair cut.) However the hairdresser did say it will take another year to year and a half to get my hair to the length I want it. Yesterday I also was very busy with too much to do.

Today I am a tad overscheduled again. The mystery of the day is that a guy is supposed to come over and clean our gutters this morning. But it is rainy and sleeting. I am not sure he is going to show up. I will have to wait and see. Once that is resolved, I will go to the gym, meet a friend for coffee, work from home and go to work.

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