Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am amazed

If you start your day by watching the news or reading the paper you can find out all sorts of amazing pieces of information. First of all, our politicians seem to be losing it. In Boston, we have two city councilors who are now accused of a conspiracy to take bribes for liquor licenses. They were caught on tape accepting money. But of course are claiming their innocence. Hmmm... The pictures don't lie. Nor do the financial records for the Alaska senator who was convicted of taking bribes...

Then there is Senator Craig from Idaho - the guy who was caught in the mens room of an airport supposedly soliciting. He thought he could plead guilty so he could keep it quiet and not go to trial and his constituents wouldn't find out. Well, let's see, his constituents did find out so now he wants to with draw his guilty plea. If he was innocent in the first place, he wouldn't have needed to worry about anything. But by trying to keep it quiet, he created a bigger problem. What is that saying? The truth shall set you free. Perhaps there is a lesson here.

The biggest news is the governor of Illinois who was arrested for trying to use his power for personal gain and sell President-elect Obama's former senate seat. But its not just this one issue, apparently he has been doing this for years and is supposedly 'delusional' and 'narcissistic' among other things that I can't remember because its too early in the day. (Why do these adjectives remind me of President Nixon?) All these politicians should probably look for other careers after they are back on the 'outside'.

Anyway, now the real news flash of the day, are you ready for this, drum roll... Cancer will soon be the leading cause of death world wide. Now this doesn't tell us why but it does say that cancer rates are greatly increasing in many countries. However, mortality rates are decreasing in the US and Great Britain. But why the increases? Tobacco use and bad diets? We need more information but some how I don't find this reassuring.

While I am pondering this news, I will go about my overscheduled day again (I have to work on this scheduling business). I am going for a walk, work from home, run some errands, go to work and get my hair cut. Its actually transitions and deadlines at work are causing me to work more hours which interfere with the rest of my life. So I have less time for the fun things, like walks and cooking.

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