Monday, December 8, 2008

So my planning skills are a bit off

But I do have chemo brain so I have an excuse. I had a great weekend but did prove I no longer have planning skills. I left late because I did not allow time to scrape off my car. Silly me. It is December. I should have thought of that.

Then I did stop and run some errands on the way up - one of my friends was running later than me so I took the opportunity to stop. So I was late, my other friend was on time. She got to walk on the beach. (You will learn the importance of this later). We were staying at a beach front hotel in Wells, ME (which I do recommend for a summer weekend).

Our goal was to go to Kennebunkport - get a good parking spot and spend the day walking around. We did do this. But my planning skills allowed me to leave my bottle of water in my car while I went in my friends car. Good thing she has planning skills and had a bottle of water for me.

After walking around and shopping for a while, we had a late lunch and watched the Christmas hat parade from inside. That is the best way to watch it - warm, eating yummy food, and sitting down. We finished our shopping and went to the local monastery for outdoor Christmas caroling. It was quite nice. We each got a candle and some roasted chestnuts. We decided there were probably a couple thousand people there - all with candles singing along.

We returned to our hotel room for nutritious snacks. Our plan was to get up in the morning and go for a walk on the beach. however, there was one little bitty complication that we did not factor in:

Cold, sleet, snow, wind. So we just had coffee and hit the road. But then I got five minutes down the road and realized I did not have my extra warm coat. It was still hanging in the closet in the hotel room so I had to go back. Great planning skills on my part but by the time I got back to the hotel the sanders had gone through and I didn't slide out into the middle of the intersection a second time. Also, my planning skills allowed me to wear green socks with brown pants and black boots yesterday. Such a fashionista.

Perhaps I overdid things slightly but not too much. Today I am going to go to the gym (to work off some of the healthy snacks we had all weekend) and them am meeting a friend from fishing this summer for coffee before going to work. I think all I do these days is go to work and have coffee with friends. Perhaps I do need a life still.

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