Saturday, December 20, 2008

Old fartism

This is a sign I have now reached old fartism. I had to break down and get a new one. I used to have a little pill box. Then all my pills and vitamins didn't fit so I got another one that was bigger. Now my pills don't fit again so I had to get another pill box. I am officially turning into an old fart. (When I start talking to myself with real conversations not just occasional muttering it will be time to worry.)

This morning I am contemplating all the snow that is outside. That I can't shovel. Bummer. I am so upset I can't go shovel snow. I will just stay inside where it is warm and sit at my computer. It is a problem though. Tomorrow another storm is due in the morning and we have a 1 pm plane from an air port that is an hour away. The storm is due to start around 8 am. I think we will get up early and leave when the storm starts. Then we will get to sit around the airport for an extended period of time I am sure.

Anyway today I think is a good time to pack for our trip. I haven't started yet. We have a party to go to this afternoon so I should pack before then. I will consider this.

Yesterday, kitty survived his big trip. As I carried him out of the house, the trash truck was going by which scared him even more. (He is such a wienie.) He shed all the way there. And then was fine instantly upon arrival. We also got to go out to lunch with my parents before the storm hit.

Otherwise, we are having our Christmas presents this morning with a special breakfast. I hope to get to the gym as well. Perhaps I can walk outside but it is snowy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Caroline, your pill box is very much one of "Pride" if you know what i mean... i love it!!! :)

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