Friday, December 19, 2008

Deception and supervision

First of all today's morning activities will focus on deception. We have to take the cat to his home away from home - my parents house. It is nice house with lots of bird feeders. They are home a lot and provide laps with the bird feeders in view. What is wrong with this? The problem is going there involves 4 miles in a car. The cat is scared of car rides. He will hide if he thinks he is going anywhere.

I will deceive him by packing his stuff up in stealth mode, slowly putting things into a bag on the counter. If I carry around the bag, he starts to get suspicious and hides. He makes himself as small as possible and cowers in a dark corner. This is the only time he will refuse treats. Once everything is packed in the bag and we are almost ready to go, I put him in the bathroom and we rush around like maniacs getting his litter box and other stuff out to the car. Then I get him, put his leash on him, and off we go in a cloud of shedded cat fur. Once he is there, he is fine. When we come to pick him up, we have to call my parents and give them advance warning so they can contain him somehow. Otherwise he hides when we walk in the door - how's that for a welcome home?

My supervision today will be making sure my husband properly shovels the snow that we are supposed to get. Probably 8-12" or more. (Cancer people don't shovel snow - they don't know what causes cancer - maybe its shoveling snow and other manual labor.) Anyway, I will supervise and possibly clear off the cars. Then another storm is due on Sunday but hopefully we will sneak out of town before that one hits. We are changing planes in Las Vegas - I hope their snow melts before we get there because I bet they don't have snow plows and deicers in the desert.

In the meantime, I am going to sneak over to the gym while doing laundry this morning to recover from the great coffee disaster. A pillow landed on my coffee cup which caused it to dump upside down in my bedside drawer and all over the mattress pad and dust ruffle on the bed. Lots of laundry, and a tad bit of crabbiness as well because this was BEFORE my first cup of coffee. This afternoon will bring the packing mania that has yet to happen.

PS My husband just read this and said that being a smart ass possibly causes cancer...

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