Thursday, November 11, 2010

As the legal system gets involved...

I had posted on the long term side effects of prescription drugs and now the legal system is getting involved. I am sure they will figure this out in few decades with millions spent on legal fees.

I have great respect for our legal system but sometimes going to court doesn't seem to resolve anything. It makes a bunch of lawyers rich and the drug company loses because they have to pay a fine and pull a drug off the market. The patient loses because their health isn't any better. The woman in the case referenced in the article had her jaw break after taking Fosomax. They fixed it with bone from her arm. Any award is not going to undo it.

When you take a drug, they give you lots of fine print about the potential side effects. I think we all think 'that won't happen to me' so we basically ignore them. (Unless it is chemotherapy that makes your hair fall out.) But basically anything you put inside your body has a potential for a side effect. I mean, if you eat ice cream, you might get fat. If you drink soda, you might get the hiccups.

I do think people are a little too quick to jump to the legal system to resolve their issues. If you think I am wrong, go watch a few episodes of Judge Judy or one of those other shows.

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