Friday, November 19, 2010

In the category of I clearly do not have enough medically wrong

A few years ago my brother made a sarcastic brotherly comment about me running out of body parts to have something wrong with them. Well apparently I forgot about my elbow.

Yesterday morning, I discovered I had a problem: It was painful to drink coffee because my elbow hurt. I got to work and told my co-workers I had a drinking problem because I couldn't drink coffee (or herbal tea or water or anything else). It only hurts if I bend my elbow or attempt to pick anything up or twist my arm.

A long time ago - maybe 15 or more years, my right wrist/elbow was giving me a problem. I saw a specialist and he told me it wasn't carpal tunnel in my wrist but my ulnar tunnel in my elbow. He told me not to lean on my elbow, not to sleep with my elbow bent (with my hands up by my face), and other behavior modifications. I even switched to using the mouse with my left hand (actually its kind of cool because I can take notes while using the computer). It seemed to go away.

Over the past six months or so my elbow has been starting to bother me again. I took the mature root of ignoring it (my inner two year old squinched her eyes shut and screamed 'no, no, no' at the idea of another medical ailment). I assumed it was a result of too much computer and too much knitting and crocheting. I cut back on the knitting and tried to be good about computer stuff. It hurt off and on and I just coped and pretended it didn't. Basically, I ignored it. Of course, this is my right arm, as opposed to my left arm with lymphedema issues.

Yesterday it was very painful while driving to work and drinking coffee. I gave up on the inner two year old and broke down and called my doctor. I saw the Physician's Assistant who is referring me to a specialist. I already take pain meds and an anti-inflammatory so that route is out. I already am doing exercises so that is out. She thinks I may need PT and an injection... Oh joy. Something else to see a doctor about. Just when I was starting to enjoy this monthly doctor appointment business.

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