Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rambles on elections

Today is election day. It is 650 am on the East Coast and Facebook is littered with people saying they already voted. I am confused. The polls here don't open until 7am. How did these people vote before 6am? Absentee ballots? I don't understand this but maybe they meant they were going to vote which isn't the same as saying you voted because you can always get a flat tire on the way to voting and never make it.

I see a bit of irony or something in the fact that the political robo calls jammed Comcast's phone system in MA and NH last night so none of the calls got through. All that effort and they forgot to find out about phone system capacity - so much for technology overpowering real life. And then there is some politician who is currently residing in jail because his campaign overwhelmed the phone system at a recent election so that his opponent's calls didn't go through. So if your campaigns calls don't get through because they jammed the system, do you get to jail yourself?

The best thing about today - after I go and exercise my right to vote - is that it is the last day of political ads on TV and radio. No more newscasts overtaken by dissection of the candidates' positions. Back to real news.

I don't mind political ads where a candidate's views are described. I don't mind political ads where a candidate says what I think is better than my opponent and this is why. I do mind political ads that slam the opponent without giving any details. They are just mud smearing.

I will say there is a political candidate in another district in the state who is running for state rep or something (I don't know, I am not in the district and can't even keep up with the local candidates) and his opponents say that 15-20 years ago he was a police sergeant he ignored the fact that a teenage girl was being strip searched in the next room by another police officer. He supposedly ignored her screams. If this is the case, this was a crime. I am sure the statue of limitations has run out on this but if this is true, it is worth investigating.

I am sure I posted a similar post at the last election but that's enough for today. I will go for a walk. I will vote.

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nancyspoint said...

I, too, will be glad to see the mud slinging type ads come to an end. The results of today's election should be interesting to watch come in. I hope whoever gets elected to whatever office vows to work together with all sides in order to get things done! I don't know what happened to compromising respectfully.

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