Thursday, November 25, 2010

The scandal of it all!

Egad! Apparently there are cases of cancer that are treatable if found early but unfortunately are often diagnosed too late! Well, some times cancer progresses a lot faster than thought. Or even if mammograms are done regularly and there are iffy areas, they are given a clear until next year. (By iffy areas, I mean things that are noted as being different than expected but not a clear sign of cancer.) Who knew??

For Pete's sake (whoever Pete was, his name is used a lot), I mean really. This isn't breaking news. Medicine is not an exact science. People should get regular well being tests but it doesn't mean every case of cancer will be found at early stage. Cancer is sneaky.

Don't put us cancer people on the woulda, shoulda, coulda road. We try. Don't fill us full of regrets and unhappiness we have enough of it all ready.

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Dee said...

I agree, Caroline, about don't do the "woulda/coulda/shoulda/" thing on cancer patients. Being diagnosed is bad enough.

I also saw your Facebook post and while I've really enjoyed it, I too get mad at all the game requests and other games that are on there. I go there to get back in touch with old friends. I'm going to try to find you . . .

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