Monday, November 29, 2010

Wanted: One general, all purpose doctor

I was talking with a friend yesterday about life with ailments and how we seem to spend all our time running from one specialist to another. We both want a general all purpose doctor who is a combination ankle surgeon/elbow surgeon/medical oncologist/breast surgeon/radiation oncologist/radiologist/primary care/psychiatrist/psychologist/and whatever else you need. You go see them and they say pouf and you are all healed. None of this wasted time going from appointment to appointment. Wouldn't that be great?

Or better yet, a single cure for everything so we wouldn't need the doctors in the first place. It never hurts to dream does it?

Today I am going to break in a rookie. A rookie doctor that is. He has never met met before so I go in and say 'my elbow hurts, I've been icing it which helps a little but I am already on an anti inflammatory and multiple pain medications and can we talk about the rest of my medical history as well and then you can tell me how soon you can make my elbow better. Okay? Thanks.'

He's a young doctor. In his picture, he looks younger than some of the clothes I own. These young doctors always seem to want to know my complete medical history. I can only remember it if I go chronologically counting the arrival of each surgical scar. Then I scrape them off the floor and start talking about the non surgical issues. Then they excuse themselves to go read my chart a little more. Then they come back and say 'wow' and give me some solutions.

If I had one all purpose doctor, I wouldn't have to go through this ritual. Please!

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