Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dear Brooke Burke- Chavet:

I don't know you, nor do I follow Dancing with the Stars or any show you have been on, I do feel some sort of camaraderie since I have also had thyroid cancer. While I greatly enjoyed the article about you and the eight things one should know about thyroid cancer, you missed number 9 and possibly more.

Number 9 is that thyroid cancer requires a lifetime of vigilance because it can and does recur 30-40 years later. This is important to remember. While most cancers tend to recur relatively soon after treatment, thyroid cancer is slow and takes its time.

As a result, even though you have nice clean results now you will need to have regular ultrasounds, that will eventually go to once every five years at a minimum. And there will be those fun whole body scans too.

I do not mean to be the bearer of doom and gloom but this is a fact that you should discuss with your doctor.

a 31 years out thyroid cancer patient.

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