Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Its a good thing my mother made me eat tofu

Not really because I hate tofu. But I digress.

I guess it is now important that my mother made me eat tofu because according to a study at Georgetown, women who start eating soy as an adult tend to develop treatment resistant breast cancer tumors. But those who eat soy as a child and then through adulthood are more likely to develop tumors which are very sensitive to treatment.

This means I have eaten my lifetime quota of soy and have no reason to eat any more. I dislike tofu with a passion and have a good excuse for never eating it again. I tried soy yogurt once and found it tastes like Elmer's glue (according to my childhood memories) and tried giving it away to my 'healthy' friends who told me they didn't like it either.

Other things I never have to eat again:
  • processed food which has soy added to make it healthy - this includes many of the weight loss programs which supplement their foods with soy.
  • Tofu (I add this again as a reflection of its 'ick' factor)
But I do need to be careful in Asian restaurants which often use a lot of tofu and soy products. The only things I might miss by avoiding soy is miso soup and hot & sour soup. If you are a 'healthy' person and invite me as a dinner guest, I may be rude enough to ask the menu to ensure it does not include soy. But if you are one of my processed food friends or tofu hating friends, I'll be happy to come over. And I need to convince my husband to read the cheese packages at Trader Joe's and stop buying soy cheese.

And I will never eat tofu again.

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