Friday, December 28, 2012

My daily nap

I have never been one for taking naps. I mean probably since I turned 3 I haven't been much of a napper. There was one semester in college where I found a daily nap meant I could stay out late at the campus bar, make it to my early classes at the same time, and keep my grades up. But I was also young then. During chemo, I did become a fan of napping for a while but then I got past that. And those naps were chemically induced shall we say.

Now I have again learned about the benefits of my daily nap. When possible I seem to fit in a daily nap of 2 hours or so if I can. Even if I go to bed early I still need my daily nap.

This is a side benefit of rheumatoid and fibromyalgia. I call it a benefit because my cat appreciates the daily nap as well.

There are people who do not understand my need for sleep and rest these days. Its not going to change anytime soon. Nor is it possible to work up to staying up and not requiring sleep. Evening events are tough for me, not that I have ever been much of a night owl but now you can pretend I'm either 2 and need a daily nap or 90 and need a daily nap.

For now, I need my sleep. There is hope I will get past this at some point but I'm not so sure.

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