Monday, December 24, 2012

I have lots of optimistic reading to do today

I can't blog about these articles because:

A. Its too early in the day and my brain is not awake enough to absorb them.
B. I slept really badly last night and I am tired and crankiness may loom in my day.
C. They look long and complicated - a tad daunting, see A and B above.

But here are links to them:

Drug Aims to Make Several Types of Cancer Cells Self Destruct -

Is the Cure for Cancer Inside You? -

I promise to read them, digest them, and give you my opinion in the coming days.

I slept really badly because things hurt. Let me count the ways - back, hips, shoulder, elbow, feet, and hands. I don't think I left anything out but I might have. Oh yes, there was the overly friendly cat who kept on doing donuts on the bed over me. I think he was hungry. But he was annoying.

Its a good thing I have optimistic reading to do today because where does one's mind go when one is awake in the middle of the night? Down that DARK AND EVIL ROAD. You know the one. The one that asks things like:

- the pain isn't because of RA and fibro, its must be the return of the evil cancer cooties.
- when is my next doctor appointment, who is it with and what questions do I have to ask them?
-  did I forget to get anyone's Christmas gift?
- and lastly why didn't I balance the check book since the mortgage is due later this week?

But I digress. I will optimistically read later today. First I need to finish waking up, go to the grocery store, and then to the gym. And take a nap.

PS the picture at the top of my blog is from our hotel room window at sunrise at Southport, ME in September.

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