Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to be a (un)healthy person

As I used to be a healthy person but can probably safely say I am no longer a healthy person, I must be highly skilled at being an (un)healthy person.
  • I can easily put myself in pain by doing basic things - bending over, stretching, moving the cat, looking for things, picking up my laptop. I no longer rush to get to the phone because it can be painful (the rushing part).
  • My bedside table collection of medications and supplements has been relocated to my closet shelf - as it has outgrown its original space. And is still growing.
  • I carefully plan my activities to try to limit pain levels. My husband recommends on activity per day and I am reluctant to admit he might be right. Yesterday I attempted two activities and spent three hours in bed after the first one so I never made it to the second.
  • Doctor appointments and phone calls get first priority in the scheduling of my life.
As a result of my current (un)healthy state, I think the world should make the following changes to accommodate me (because I am the most important):
  • Those little grocery carts everywhere. I can't push around traditional grocery store carts because they make my back hurt. I cant carry a basket of stuff because of lymphedema and hand, elbow issues. I need a little cart or my husband to come with me if I can get more than a couple items.
  • Special working hours so I can sleep in at least one morning a week. I cant get up more than a few days in a row with the alarm. I get really tired and need to sleep in - at least until 730 - a few days a week. Last week I had to get up six days in a row and was really dragging.
  •  Cooking lessons for my husband. He cooks better and better these days because he has been getting plenty of opportunities to practice. He is pretty good and just needs encouragement for the nights I am simply too tired.
Today I have carefully planned my time. I made and ate breakfast (organic Greek yogurt and pineapple). I will start the laundry (after it is carried down stairs) and we will walk down to Walgreen's, drop off one prescription, go for a short walk while it is filled and pick up the four filled prescriptions (three for me). I even feel I know the pharmacy staff at this point. Then I will go to a friends for brunch and then back home to recover. A phone call with a friend this afternoon as I finish laundry. How's that for an exciting day?

Tomorrow I really want to sleep in as I am working from  home. I hope to make it to the gym or for a walk with a friend.

The life of an (un)healthy person requires lots of rest and medication. I will keep practicing.

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