Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stress is evil

So yesterday I had a bad day. It was compounded by stress. This was my day.
  • I went to work and needed to fix an iPad (and I've never used one before).
  • I needed to fix two co-workers easy email issues.
  • I needed to fix another co-workers very difficult email issue.
  • At one point I stood up from my chair, tripped, caught myself on the next cubicle wall which gave me a jolt that hurt my hip and back and shoulder.
  • I never got ANY of my work done.
  • I left work and went to the gym where my hip and shoulder really hurt so I went home.
  • I had cheese and crackers for dinner.
  • I had a box of stuff that I bought on line ready to be taped up and returned with all the paperwork and my husband thought he was being helpful and unpacked the box, threw out the packing materials and paperwork.
  • I went to a meeting which was full of dissent and disagreements.
  • I came home and was VERY stressed out, not coping well with the stress at all. 

Today will not help. I have an 8am conference call to work on a client's database. At 9am a contractor is showing up to fix our basement door (so its no longer a burglar's dream). I also have to get out a mailing for work, work on our Christmas cards, and go to the grocery store. I was supposed to go out to dinner as well but I declined.

I think I am not coping well because I am tired, I get tired easily, and pain seems to be dominating my life which is living with fibromyagia. I need better ways to cope to reduce stress. Stress sucks. Maybe I need more naps.

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