Monday, February 25, 2013

A Lull in the Action

Yes I am enjoying a lull in the action. The action of doctor appointments that is.

I have one (yes, one, singular, 1) doctor appointment in the entire month of March. I have one (again, one, 1, solo) doctor appointment in the entire month of April. And both of those are appointments with my therapist so the odds of my needing to change into one of those little gowns are extremely slim (and they make such a fashion statement).

What shall I do with my time? I mean besides keep up with my blog. I'll have so much free time!

Daily naps would be a good option. I can use that since I get so tired these days. More exercise Doubtful because I need a a day of rest between exercise. More time paying attention to the cat. I can unless he is sleeping. He's old and needs his 22 hours of naps per day. Quality time with my husband.

Maybe in my absence the hospital will renovate the ladies room in the lobby. It does need a bit of updating - probably because it is the most used room in the building.

But in the month of May, sadly, I have one of 'those' days where I have test, test, doctor appointment. I will blissfully ignore it between now and then. Ignorance is bliss in this case. Its also a case of avoidance.

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