Friday, February 1, 2013

Medical research can do nothing


But marketing can make you believe it did. I am overjoyed I tell you, overjoyed to read the news:
"Drugs to treat fibromyalgia just as likely to harm as help". Yes it is true. If you think Savella, Cymbalta, or Lyrica will help my, or anyone else's, fibromyalgia you are a victim of advertising and marketing. 

"“This is a very important study,” says Fred Wolfe, M.D. of the National Data Bank for Rheumatic Diseases. “There’s an enormous amount of advertising suggesting that these drugs really help, whereas the research data show that the improvement is really minimal.”"

And its not that the drugs don't necessarily work but that the side effects can cause more problems than pain they resolved. Great. Years of medical research down the toilet. (This is an example of while they had great intentions in their research they forgot the key phrase 'do no harm'. It doesn't help if a medical advance comes at a great expense to the patient. They achieved their goal but forgot about us patients. This is one example of many out there.)

Since I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia so many people have said to me 'don't they have medications now that you could try?' The answer is yes they do. And I have tried Savella and Lyrica and I think Cymbalta already. I didn't have as many side effects but they all stopped working for me. And they interact with other medications I take so they have to be changed as well.

They should do more medical research and pay attention to the overall well being of the patient, not just resolving the pain.

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