Sunday, February 17, 2013

We got the message

Some friends of mine are both having significant birthdays last month and next month so I wanted to have them over for brunch to celebrate. But some things are evidently just not meant to be.

The brunch was scheduled with much too-ing and fro-ing, balancing ten people's schedules and we finally settled on today at 11am. Then we had windows installed in three rooms of our house. Which took longer than expected. We planned to spend last weekend peeling wallpaper and painting.

But it snowed so we shoveled snow instead.

The entire contents of my husband's home office is in the dining room. We peeled wall paper every night this week. But since I have (a few) ailments I am not very useful in this endeavor.

By Wednesday night it was clear we would not be done by Sunday at 11. I asked if anyone could host instead of us. Only one person had ample parking for five cars since our world is full of giant snow banks and limited on street parking.

She go the flu on Friday. I changed it to a restaurant instead which had a parking lot and took reservations.

It snowed again and there is limited visibility and driving is horrible.

We decided it was not meant to be and we cancelled. We got the message. We will reschedule for a warmer/less snowy time of year.

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