Friday, February 15, 2013

Cutting back

In the past several months, I find I run out of steam between my two jobs, home life, social life, etc. I decided I needed to cut back on life - to allow more down time, naps, and sleeping in general.

Five years ago, I was happy to expand my life to add more work and do more things. That was great. I was through cancer treatment and feeling good and we even took a vacation to Acadia National Park for hiking and biking.

Then I had my gall bladder out and my back pains started. Now my gall bladder is healed and my back pains have a treatment plan so they are usually under control. unless I do things like stand, walk, sit, or lie down for any length of time. My life slowed down some. I stopped some of my more aggressive activities -  no more skiing down the fall line or bike riding for me.

I juggled and coped. I worked two part time jobs. I went to northern Wisconsin and rode a scooter on an island in Lake Michigan and enjoyed other vacations. I did volunteer work. I worked about 35 hours/week between the two jobs. I would usually work part of each weekend day

In the last several months, this has all become a problem. Between the RA and fibromyalgia, I need more time to rest between work and other obligations.

At my first part time job where I go to an office 15 hours/week. I have changed my schedule to be 3 six hour days one week, followed by 2 six hour days the next. This will mean meet my obligations but I get to have short work days where I can come home and rest as needed.

By the end of February my second part time job will be down to 10 hours. During March, I will take care of some specific obligations that were previously scheduled. Then as of April 1, I will not do any nights, weekends, or non-local events.

I can't. I tried. I go to a meeting at night and then need to sleep in the next day to recover. I need time off on weekends to recover from the week. I have six weeks left to get through before I can start my resting time. I will have a count down to see if I can make it.

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