Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard warning

There is an itty bitty snow storm coming our way. Everyone needs to be off the road by noon. No on street parking. The subway is shutting down at 330. Its the end of the world!!!!

I am moderately concerned about this. My real problem is I can't shovel so I am dependent on others to remove snow so I can leave the house. I hate being dependent on others.

But I do have plans. This morning I am going to the gym and then to my therapist. at 1030 am. I should be home at 1130, after a quick stop at Trader Joe's and will stay put until sometime tomorrow.

Tonight for dinner I am making oven baked fish chowder. The recipe is similar to this one but does not require stove top cooking at all. Its completely done in the oven. I might also make some cookies - half a batch - enough to satisfy cravings but not enough to blow our diets. Besides someone might appreciate them after shoveling two feet of snow with the five foot predicted drifts.

Because of the storm, my husband's job is closing early (an Air Force base) and they never close early.  Once he returns home this afternoon we are putting the living room back together. We have had construction work done with windows and rotting wood replaced and the contents of the living room, dining room and my husband's office have been stored elsewhere in our house. Tomorrow we will put the dining room back together. This means I will supervise furniture moving and reconnect the DVR.

Sunday my husband will remove wallpaper in his office and prep for painting it. Again I will supervise.

I could get used to this supervisory thing but I don't like the dependency part. Crap. I want to take my snowshoes out and take pictures of the snow falling.

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