Saturday, February 2, 2013

No need for a stiff upper lip

A recent study in the UK shows that one of the reasons that the reason for the higher cancer death rates is that people are reluctant to go to their doctor with symptoms. Their reasons are that they do not want to waste their doctor's time or they were embarrassed to tell someone about their symptoms.

If you are concerned about something you need to tell your doctor and not wait. I use the two week rule myself. Most recommendations will tell you if something is not better in a week to call your doctor.

I can understand sometimes its embarrassing to tell someone  about something very personal. You can always write your doctor a note.

There is no reason to delay going to the doctor. Your body is very important and you need to treat it appropriately. What is a good reason for not going to the doctor? I can't think of one. Trust me, I am the professional patient with more ailments that you can imagine and I hate going to the doctor but I do because it makes me feel better in the end.

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