Thursday, February 7, 2013

From avoidance to cranky

I am in such a cranky mood. Let this be a warning to those who cross my path today. Yesterday I started in avoidance mood and ended up crabby. That when to grumpy. This morning I am cranky.

So how did this happen. I was in avoidance mode because of my doctor appointment which went fine) as fine can be with an hour of unexplained wait due to rude nursing staff who preferred talking about their boy friends, cell phones, caller ID, and the weather forecast).  I ended up with blood tests in six months and blood tests, ultrasound, and follow up in one year. That's just fine.

Then I had to go to a meeting which started early to accommodate someone's understandable scheduling request but was full of unorganized and critical people who were happy to nitpick and and express opinions but not volunteering for much work at all. I heard a couple of times 'are we done yet'? I may need to  remove myself from the committee. Not over the nitpicking - we want to do things right but because of the lack of help they are providing. But I was already crabby so who am I to complain?

Next we have a tiny snow storm forecast for tomorrow and well into Saturday which will spoil all my Saturday socializing plans that I was looking forward to. Yesterday morning we were in the 3=6" range, by lunch time the double digit predictions were appearing and growing. And I can't really shovel snow or go out in play in it much - I might break out the snow shoes (unless my husband hid them on me) if we really get the predicted two feet of snow.

This morning I have to go to work after a meeting last night - which means I didn't get enough rest. And it doesn't help that after work I have to go to another work related networking event. I can come home after work and rest for a bit but it still means going out another night in a row - can you say extra crabby?

On top of all this, we are having windows replaced in the house. The plan was to be done by the end of the day tomorrow. They had a slow start but have been making great progress. Our current agreement is that we will talk this afternoon and see if they can finish before the storm (doubtful) and when they can return and finish which means rescheduling the carpet cleaning and the cleaning lady and the room  painting. Our house is in chaos as three of the six rooms have been construction zones for ten days already.
Finally tomorrow, unless it is blizzarding by 8am, I will go to the gym and then go whine at my therapist and be home by noon, ready to be snow bound for 24 hours. Maybe I can take naps and get caught up on my sleep and required rest. But I have work to do after last night's meeting.

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