Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Accountability means the state of being accountable, liable, answerable. Accountable means being able to explain. That is what I am asking for.

The people who brought us pinkness, a/k/a Komen for the Cure, claim they are out for the cure of breast cancer. They spend 18% of what they take in on research. That's it. The rest is on pinkness.

Twenty two years ago they started handing out pink ribbons to help find the cure for breast cancer. In that time they have painted the world pink, and introduced us to pinkwashing and pinkification. There is no cure, treatments are still horrible. Mortality rates are unchanged. And they have sued other organizations for using the words 'for the cure'.

A little accountability is needed here to explain what they are really doing. They are not for the cure. They are selling pink.

On this October 1, as the landscape slowly turns pink, make an accountable decision with your donations. Do not paint the world pink, make sure your money is going to something other than just pink paint.

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Anonymous said...

I’m working with a new Breast Cancer organization and I would love to invite you to their celebrity event in New York City on October 10th if you are in the area! You can email me at mbrown@5wpr.com for more information! Thanks!

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