Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sleep - ever so elusive

A side effect of all my ailments seems to be fatigue. I get tired. I mean I get really tired. Meaning last night I came home from the gym after work and put on my PJs at 530 and convinced let my husband that he should cook dinner because I was so tired.

I was so tired I went to bed at 7pm (seriously). I read for a while and could not fall asleep. I shut off the light about 830. At 945 I was still awake. I think I feel asleep around 11.  I didn't sleep very well.

The alarm went off around 5 when it always does. We ignore it until 530. My husband got up, took a shower, read the paper, brought me coffee, and alternated trying to wake me up. Finally at 608 I woke up. More than half an hour late. But by rushing around, I should be at work on time.

This is an ongoing problem. I have problems getting comfortable so I can sleep. Usually I fall asleep on my back but sometimes it hurts too much. I often take a pain pill before bed because my rheumatologist says it should help with morning pain. I can take a different pill to help me sleep but I don't like to take it every night and last night, for example, it didn't do squat.

Maybe because I had three Hershey nuggets after dinner - do they have caffeine? I don't know but I'll skip them tonight.

Then I am tired which compounds the fatigue. Its an evil vicious cycle. I need a nap. Damn. I'll postpone that until after work.

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Anonymous said...

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