Sunday, October 27, 2013

Don't believe everything you read or hear

The majority of that 'research' online and in the news is wrong. Or biased or incomplete. In other words, not credible.

This is what happens. Journals which are peer reviewed, meaning a medical journal where all articles are reviewed and approved by a board of doctors before being published, are full of credible information. That is good information.

But then there are many other magazines and journals where researchers send their results to get published. If you get published as a researcher it adds to your credibility and CV so you can build pages of publications so it gets to be nice a long which is a positive think the research world.

Journals are always trying to find ways to fill pages. Some journals are ad free which are published by associations who pay for their publication through member dues and other funding. Magazines which have ads are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They want the ads to pay for their publication but are required by law to have a maximum percentage of pages of ads vs. pages of articles. So the more articles they have the more ads they can have and therefore increase their revenue.

They will publish anything that looks credible.

Then articles get picked up by the media and blown out of proportion and we all get scared and hyped up to avoid BPA or food additives or Vitamin C or red wine (next week white wine).

I am sure I have blogged about this in the past. The advantage of chemo brain, fibro fog, tamoxifen fog, and whatever else I have is that I can't remember squat. But this time I have an article which explains how the whole BPA thing was based on poor data and sampling but hen got picked up by  the media and all the manufacturers got right by getting us to buy new water bottles without BPA.

So don't believe what you read no matter how much it is splashed all over the media. Wait for additional verification. And use your common sense.

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