Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Do you want an eulogy or a resume?

This is an interesting concept and I read an article on Huffington Post about it. A friend of mine died a few years back from her asthma. She was single and not close to her family. Her funeral was well attended but one of the few speakers was her boss at her job.

We thought that was weird. He did talk about her at her job and a long lost love. But it was a resume.

I don't want my eulogy to talk about my life in marketing and non profit work. I don't want my eulogy to be about living with my medical history (where they always have to be sure). I do want my eulogy to be about meaningful things I have done - lots of time outdoors, skiing, ice skating, hiking, camping, reading, unable to sing a note, knitting, consignment stores, travel, organic vegetables - and the people who have meant a lot to me - husband, family, and friends.

I think I need to write it myself. Damn. Its a good thing I plan on being here for a long time so I have plenty of time to write it. What about you?

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