Sunday, October 13, 2013

National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day

Today is the one day for metastatic breast cancer in the middle of all the pinkification. Metastatic breast cancer or any other metastatic cancer is not fun. Its not pink. Its a life of going from scan, to treatment, to scan to treatment.When one treatment stops working they go on to the next one until there are none left. They hope there are new clinical trials available. They endure some pretty nasty procedures and medical (mis)adventures. They grit their teeth and keep on going.

They don't plan for 20 years from now, they hope the make it to the next holidays, next birthday, next family milestone.  They usually leave their jobs and hope they do not live out their remaining funds. They live on social security and any savings but still get medical copays and bills.

There are too many to count but I personally know Joe, Nancy, Rochelle, Lisa, and more. Many others are known through their blogs as well.  Ann, Scorchy, Lisa, Team OBB, and more. There are too many to list. Google metastatic breast cancer blog and see what pops up. Their stories are heartbreaking as they try to make it to their next family event.

The problem with metastatic cancer is while there have been many advances, once cancer spreads or metastasizes, there is no cure. Doctors try what they can to extend the patient's life and keep them as comfortable as possible but there are no promises. This is where we need research.

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Caroline, I saw your blog mentioned in Hospice and nursing homes blog, I did take a look and seeing your compromise with Life I can't just keep silent.All the blessings for you, this day I'll pray for you.Guillermo Garcia.

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