Saturday, October 12, 2013

World Arthritis Day

Every year on October 12 is World Arthritis Day. I did not know this. I think last year on October 12 I was still waiting for my final lab reports back. This year I know a lot more about arthritis. More than I ever wanted to know. I am getting more specialists to deal with my arthritis as well. I feel (as) healthy (as a horse on the way to the glue factory) someetimes.

Anyway, I think I am supposed to wear blue in honor of World Arthritis Day- another reason not to wear pink. If I was really good I would have planned to attend an event or even planned and organized a WAD event. I'm just not that good about these things.

The more ailments I develop the more days and months I get to be distracted by. I will say I can't remember most of them from one year to the next. But I try.

Tomorrow, October 13, is metastatic breast cancer day. Please put it on your calendars.

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