Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Appointments can mess up everything!

We are going on vacation in a few weeks and looking forward to it. This is an annual trip that has been planned. (And no I am not giving special insight to burglars as we will have a house/cat sitter while we are gone.) As part of our getting organized for this trip, I have longstanding plans to have tea with the house/cat sitter to discuss details of what is the latest food the cat will eat as well as other general information.

We are supposed to have tea (or possibly champagne and paté) at 3pm.

Yesterday I gave up on my back issues and decided living on Tramadol is not the lifestyle I enjoy, and called my back pain doctor for an appointment. The only available appointment in the next month is at 245 on the same day. Wah!!!

So now I need to reschedule our tea/champagne and paté to later in the afternoon. Obviously I can't drink champagne and then go see the doctor.... I know I could have said no but it would mean more time living on tramadol.

This always happens. We are at the mercy of our doctor's and their schedules. I also know that we are also stuck with scheduling around our other appointments. But damn! I hate it when doctor appointments conflict with the fun parts of my life.

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