Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blah, blah blah, blah, blah

Ooohhh.... more information on breast cancer risk!!! Hot damn baby, this must have the clues I need!!!

Nope. Not there.

Here they are:

Hereditary: not me

"Being obese, smoking, drinking alcohol, using birth control pills, lack of exercise, early menstruation, and certain benign breast diseases, have all been associated with an increased risk for breast cancer"

I'll take the fifth here. But I wasn't fat until after breast cancer. And I have always been known to get exercise and have never been a fan of the pill.

And then there is something about how estrogen metabolizes in your body and there is a new fancy test for this. The 2/16 alpha-hydroxyestrone ratio which can be measured in a urine test. And you can balance your ratio by eating more plants.


"Having one or more risk factors for breast cancer doesn't necessarily mean you’ll develop the disease, but being aware of the risk factors may inspire you to take preventive steps. This could have a huge impact on your health."

So, nothing new here. Its just blah, blah blah, blah, blah.

Maybe I'm in a cynical mood this morning.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Caroline!

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As part of internship, interns were asked to research about the topic of cancer. In addition to that, as part of the understanding of the disease, we were assigned to interview current cancer patients and/or survivors to understand the disease from people who have the first-hand experience and knowledge until this Thursday. We want to find out about what the major problem that the disease brings that may be significant, but unaddressed as well as other problems that the cancer patients face.

If you would be able to help me and my group by doing an interview with us, we would really appreciate it. The interview is very flexible. It will not be long (For sure less then 30 minutes). In addition to that, we can arrange it in many forms. It could be over the phone, questionaire on internet, chat, and email etc. I know that this is a short notice, but we would like to start conducting interviews today or tomorrow. If you need any further information or if you have any questions, I would be very happy to answer.

Thanks for all your help and considerations!

Su Hyun Lim

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