Friday, August 1, 2014

I dont travel well any more

I used to travel at the drop of a hat. Skiing for the weekend? No problem. Run off for a weekend hiking in the mountains? Bring it on. Drop everything and head for the beach? Sure. A day in the city followed by dinner out? Let's go!!

Now, can we go off for a day of fun? Only if I get enough sleep first. A weekend away? Let me count out my pills to make sure I am prepared. Is there plenty to do if I need to lie down for a bit (so my husband isn't too bored). Are there wimpy activities if I need to change plans?

I am traveling, by myself, with my newest purchase, a four wheeled suitcase which is much easier on my back. I will be home tonight... I may implode first because I forgot my pills last night. Damn. Triple damn. That's only my anti inflammatories, folic acid, antacid, second lyrica pill, antidepressant, vitamins, and I can't remember what else that my body needs to function.

You say, why can't you take them this morning? Some are twice daily. Some make me fall asleep so I purposely take them at night. And I can't take anything else until its been an hour since I took my thyroid meds. So I am better to suck it up through my morning meetings and take an Ativan later for my flight home.

I can't believe I forgot them as I skipped a group outing to get some sleep. I went down to the hotel bar and had a glass of wine while they made my sandwich which I ate in my room so I could rest.

Finally I am contemplating some sort of revenge for the drunk neighbors who, came in at 1130 and were banging around next door for an hour or so. I need something loud to drop. Hmmm.... my inner evil twin comes out when I don't get enough sleep.

But I should be on my way home this afternoon to my husband, cat, and own bed, with my day by day pillbox on the bedside table. I can't wait.

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