Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Life with chronic pain

I was very intrigued to read this article on a man's advice on living with a wife in chronic pain. I admit I might be guilty of some of the first ten myself. My husband does pick up on when I am overdoing things and cues me to take it easier.

I also know sometimes when I want to do things and feel like I should do them but just don't have it in me. I try to work around it. I'll lie down for a while and then try later on. Or I'll put it off until the next day. Sometimes I ask my husband to do things for me - like making dinner - because the idea of standing in the kitchen for ten minutes just isn't a good idea.

If you read his list, you will get a better idea of what  life with chronic pain is like. And its all relative. His wife had a C-section without anesthesia (eek!) and that's her high pain point. My high pain point was probably when I tried to stand on my blown out knee on the side of a ski slope. Or when I had my drain pulled out. Or... I don't know. Those were all very painful moments and there are others.

For me when my back hurts so much I can't stand up, I call it a 7. Right now, sitting in bed after a good night's sleep it might be a 4. But I'm not telling my husband so we can play mini golf and go for a walk. I'll sit in the car and let him drive as we go off to have fun. But I'll also take my bottle of pain meds with me just in case it gets a little farther up the pain scale.


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