Friday, August 29, 2014

My hyper-focused life.

My life,and my blog, seem to be hyper-focused on breast cancer. Yes I acknowledge in my (Breast Cancer) blog that I have other ailments but I have never changed the focus of my blog even though I have questioned it. I still blog about breast cancer because it is part of my life. And I write about changing the focus of my blog but haven't.

However, I read this morning there is another disease which is more prevalent than the one-in-eight statistic for breast cancer that is tossed around. It is Alzheimer's. And the writer makes a valid point that breast cancer is full of ribbons and magazine articles on it, Alzheimer's is not.

When I first saw the article title I thought she would be writing about heart disease and felt a little pang of reminder that while two cancer diagnoses don't necessarily keep me as a potential member of the centenarian club, I do have obligations to keep other parts of my body in good shape. It never crossed my mind that Alzheimer's was that prevalent. And its just a nasty way to go.

With that said, my life should not be focused on breast cancer or living with whining about my ever present ailments. I also need to expand my tiny horizons and think about staying healthy to prevent additional, nastier ailments.

A cancer diagnosis kind of makes you take a second thought on long term planning - why am I saving for retirement at this point???? Taking care of myself and thinking about other ailments is probably just as important.

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