Friday, August 15, 2014

What to do about my boring blog?

My blog has devolved into something just plain boring, for lack of a better word. I will say I do not write for volume, I do not write for search engines or to build twitter followers or anything like that. I blog because it helps me cope with my devolving health. I do try to primarily write about breast cancer and related issues.

But my life has not been about breast cancer recently. Which is a good thing. I do not focus my life on breast cancer now. My life focuses on work, getting ready for craft fairs this fall, and coping with my back and RA issues as well as fibromyalgia pain.I have also upped my volunteer work to a level which is fulfilling.

I think I have gotten through enough of the breast cancer PTSD for now. It will never go away. I do know that. This month marks 33 years since my thyroid cancer diagnosis and that never completely went away.... (The answer to the question of does it ever go away is no.) But it does recede into your mind and make it easier to cope and live.  And allows room in my brain to focus on the rest of my life. And no there is no new me living a new normal. That is all a load of crapola.

So that is where my brain is so that is why my blog is boring. I will continue to blog and I will try to make it less boring.


Rethink Street said...

Hi Caroline. I think the relationship between a writer and his/her blog is an evolving one. It can blossom, last forever, come to a natural end, or even be replaced by a different creative outlet / means of therapy altogether. Whatever you decide, make sure it's helping you and not becoming a chore. Perhaps you could give it a new name - one that suits your life as it is now? I enjoy reading your blog, but the most important thing is that you enjoy writing it! GOOD LUCK.

Anonymous said...

It was the breast cancer posts that first drew me to your blog, and I am always glad to see the bc research articles you post. But I continue to follow you even when you are writing about other issues. We are all just trying to make sense out of our situation and figure out how to move forward. Seeing how you are coping encourages me.

Lois K

John Peter said...

I think the link between a author ANd his/her diary is an evolving one. It will blossom, last forever, return to a natural finish, or maybe get replaced by a unique inventive outlet / suggests that of medical care altogether.

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