Friday, August 8, 2014


What is happiness in life? We don't realy know. Scientists have defined it as:

My version of it is a bit different (and I have long since forgotten all the calculus, trigonometry and higher math I learned in college) and shorter.

I think happiness is defined as contentment, meeting your own expectations and no one else's. In the scientific definition they talk about it as meeting your expectations of yourself. But do not lower your expectations. You need to set your expectations to a level that you can attain. Wow, am I getting philosophical this morning? That is too much to ask.

But I digress. What makes me happy? Well, as you may have guessed my health doesn't make me happy. Happiness for me is getting a feeling of accomplishment in what I do. Sometimes it leads me to stretch myself a bit thin with volunteer work but I like how I feel after I get something done that helps another group of people.

Sometimes I see people who clearly are not happy with their lives. Some times circumstances can be beyond our control - like getting cancer, and sometimes we need help from others - money, therapy, but we are better off if we focus on making lemonade out of our lemons than allow resentment to grow and turn us into crabby nasty people.

What are my expectations in my life? I now know I am not going to be a rocket scientist, a CEO, a Hollywood star, or cure the common cold. But I am  okay with all that. I wouldn't mind finding a cure for cancer but think there are others who are much more qualified.

What do I want out of life? I think I am happy with a little house on a little street where I can live quietly with my husband and garden. I think I am happy in our own little world here. Its only 10 minutes to the damn hospital if I need it.

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Rethink Street said...

Goodness knows what that equation means, but I'm sure it has been thought through by some of the sharpest brains! Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, and everybody's version is unique. Thank you for your insightful blog - I'm enjoying reading it.

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