Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting caught up after vacation

Well, I am still getting caught up on somethings after vacation. I am all set (finally) with laundry, unpacking, grocery shopping, and email. I am not caught up on weeding or house cleaning. Hmmm... I am not very motivated to do either. Unfortunately, we have had so much rain recently that the weeds and mushrooms are over taking. We have mushrooms in the front yard, back yard, garden, etc. I have seen at least five different kinds. It would be nice if it did stop raining for a few days - I feel like I am ready to grow mushrooms. On a more positive note my vegetable plants are doing quite well. I have lots of flowers on the cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes and some little tiny green tomatoes. So maybe the rain is good for something.

Yesterday I was good and painted the damn fence. There were two 8' sections that got two coats of paint. Walter got to do all sorts of fun stuff - like mow the lawn, paint the fence posts, etc while I painted the fence sections. It actually was nice to have the energy to do something like that. However then I got really tired and lay down for about two hours to recover. Then we went out to dinner. We even got kind of dressed up. This morning we are going for a walk to walk off the yummy dinner we had. Then we get to run all kinds of errands.

I am still working on my list for the doctor tomorrow. Actually before I go to the doctor I have to go to work. I have committed to working half days for the next five weeks at one job. Its going to feel weird to have to get up early and go to work! Then I will come home from that job and work on my other stuff from home. I will be busy. But maybe I won't feel so poor at the end of the month.

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