Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Waiting is hell

But yesterday I was in the waiting room from hell. First of all I procrastinated a tiny bit and was running a little late (but avoided all school bus delays even though I turned around after starting to come back home and make sure the stove was off) and arrived at the parking garage to find a line of cars backed up three deep at the entrance in both lanes. Apparently, it was backed up the entire length of the garage! That definitely was not a good start. It took quite a while to get into the damn garage and find a space, far away from the morons who don't realize there is someone behind them and start to turn into the space on the right, now maybe that one on the left, but wait, that one over there looks better. And never mind using turn indicators or looking in the rear view mirror. Finally I park and walk rather quickly down to the nuclear medicine department.

I check in and was given another lovely bracelet to add to my collection and told to have a seat. Its not a large waiting room - maybe 20 seats. There were a couple of women who were together a few couples, one woman in a wheel chair and a small family which consisted of husband and wife and grandfather AND a 3 year old who was not being supervised or disciplined in any way for playing light saber with a rolled up piece of paper and running in and out of the waiting room, out into the hall, out of sight of the parents, who were ignoring him. The grandfather did tell him to leave the lady in the wheel chair alone but otherwise they didn't say anything to him. To get his mother's attention, who was deep in conversation with her husband, he would yell "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" about ten times and then she would would say "What?" and then would tell the child "do you want to go home?" Home is probably where this child should have been. Running around a hospital, especially in the area full of radioactive materials is probably not a very good thing. It was very stressful to sit there and be light sabered. (Don't get me wrong, I like kids. I don't like bad parenting.)

Shortly after I was rescued from the waiting room by this nice technician who couldn't find a vein for my injection so she had to start an IV in the back of my hand. The back of the hand for IV's is relatively painful but it wasn't there long. I was told to return in 3 hours. To fill this interlude, first I called a friend who works there and was unable to make contact. Then I called my therapist and found I could be fit in an hour later. To fill that hour, I made a very important trip to Kohl's buy one get one free sandal sale. Nothing like new shoes to make you feel better. (Walter does sometimes call me Imelda so I might as well live up to my name.) I got to wear my new gold sparkly ones later in the day to put me in a good mood.

Then after a session with my therapist and a salad for lunch I was ready for the rest of my adventure. I went back to the same lovely waiting room but luckily the bad parenting family was gone so it was rather peaceful. Another technician came and got me and I had the scan. Basically you lie down on your back and they scan you from head to toe in six sections, for about three minutes per section. They started with my head and moved down my body. Every time I almost feel asleep, the table would move to the next section and wake me up. However it was rather restful. Now I just wait for results. I am not sure when I will get them - probably on Monday.

Speaking of restful, it was nice to hear Senator Kennedy had a successful surgery and that he was up and walking around a day after. What I don't understand is that they stated he had a restful night in the hospital. Excuse me? I have never had a restful night in the hospital in my life! They are always in and out for something. My support group thought perhaps he had an armed guard at the door to prevent anyone from taking his vitals in the middle of the night or something.

Now today is the big adventure - squishing and needles. Probably followed by steri strips. I am so excited I can't wait! I hope to be home by mid day. I am moderately stressed. Well, now not moderately, possibly very stressed or even severely stressed. I also have prescriptions for this. It was recommended I take half a pill before going. I think I will do so. Then the waiting begins. This afternoon after I return I will watch "27 Dresses" to make me feel better. I might do some work from home but am not sure. It will depend how I feel. Oh, and I have a phone interview for a good job this evening.

Needless to say, while I sit here and type I am PROCRASTINATING (wouldn't you be?). I still have to eat breakfast, take a shower, send a couple emails for work, and leave here in an hour and 10 minutes. Perhaps I should get moving????

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