Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A perk of chemo brain

Yes, I have discovered one. If you have chemo brain, you can't remember what you are packing long enough to stress over forgetting things. I keep saying I need to pack something, walk into a room to get it, forget what it is, leave the room, and maybe an hour or two later remember what it was that I forgot. It also helps if you keep losing your list so you start making a new one trying to remember what was on the old one and then you can't find any lists.

I am not going to the North pole. I am going to Minnesota - which could be considered the North Pole in winter, but it is summer now - if I forget anything, I can go to Target. Actually, where I am going, I have been told has not yet been getting up to 60 degrees. I have added additional layers of warmth to my suitcase.

I am still tired today. I had to get up too early. I did go to bed early but the coffee hasn't yet kicked in.

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