Thursday, June 5, 2008

I wish they would make up their minds!

So to back up a little, on Friday when I had my bad mammogram, the radiologist suggested a scintographic (I think that's who you spell it but even the tech I asked didn't know how to) mammogram where they inject dye and then do six five minute scans. However my surgeon nixed that and said biopsy to be sure. Then on Tuesday when I went to my therapist she suggested as a stress relief that I take half an ativan so to be less stressed.

Yesterday I get to my lovely biopsy all stressed out, even with my half an ativan. (I was driving there and couldn't remember if I had taken my regular pills because I am a half wit when stressed). Anyhow, I check in, wait around, get changed, wait around, finally a nurse comes and gets me and we go sit in a little room where she reviews the procedure with me and has me sign the release. Then the doctor doing the procedure comes in and says "I just looked at all your films and have talked to the radiologist and surgeon and told them I am not sure why we are doing a biopsy and not a scintographic mammogram or MRI. And the surgeon and radiologist agree we could skip the biopsy and do the other tests instead if you want." WHAT? So now after leaving me all stressed out for days and telling me I have something you are saying I can just know I have something and let you guys look at it some more. I said I wanted the biopsy at that point. All the other tests would do is confirm there is a something but not tell us what it is, which is the whole point of a biopsy. Oh, and when I mentioned I had taken half an ativan they weren't sure I should have been driving....

Finally, they did do the biopsy but the doctor said she was fairly sure it would prove to be scar tissue. I need a pathology report saying that to be fairly sure on anything these days. She also did tell me my bone scan was clear. The biopsy itself wasn't bad. A lot less painful than some of the other stuff I have been through and it actually only took about 10 minutes. Anyhow, all this changing their minds is stressful.

After I came home, I did a little work and watched 27 Dresses with the cat on my lap and drank herbal tea. It is a definite chick flick but I do recommend it.

Today I am a little sore but okay. I slept pretty well as well. Now we just wait for the results. Grrr... So my stress level is down a little bit but at least I didn't go camping with a bear like my sister in law did!

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