Sunday, June 22, 2008

The worst thing about vacation

... is trying to fit everything back into your suitcase to go home. You don't want to go back home and it seems everything got a little bigger and then there are the new clothes and other things you bought. I am procrastinating on this (who me procrastinate?). I need to go do battle with my suitcase and the problem is I have to win. I could take the wimpy way out and buy a little suitcase for the overflow but now the airline charges a $50 fee for to check a second bag. So its not just the cost of the bag but the baggage fee, which is all on top of the purchases I made.

Unfortunately I went to a yarn store. A very bad thing. It was a very nice yarn store. In fact there were two yarn stores. (I have to keep my friend's cats away from my yarn but that is another battle - two battles in one day is more than I can deal with.) Then there was the little side trip to the mall... No I didn't buy that much but yarn is bulky and my suitcase was already a little full.

I guess the real thing to do when packing on vacation is turn on your ESP so you know what the weather will be and what you will do while you are gone so you only pack clothes you will actually wear and things that you need. I definitely am bringing back home clothes I didn't wear, but could have... I was also so smart I brought a book with me that I had just finished and didnt bring the book I wanted to show my friend I was visiting. Well, maybe not smart, maybe chemo brain.

I have to stop procrastinating and go off and do battle. Then I will need to recover by going for a walk. Speaking of recovering, it will probably take a week for me to recover from having too much fun.

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