Friday, February 13, 2009


My back hurt all day yesterday. But I guess we can call that consistency. I can whine about it. This morning, my husband wanted me to go down stairs for something. I said 'my back hurt'. He said 'is that the excuse we are going to use for everything now?' I replied that I can also say 'I have chemo brain and had cancer'. He accused me of being whiney (and bratty). Can you imagine that? Me, whiney? Not I! Then he left for work and the cat is sitting on my lap making my back hurt.

I also slept all night last night - an infrequent event. I even slept through the alarm clock (good thing I didn't have to get up). But I do feel somewhat better and (now that the cat is back on the floor) my back is not hurting right this minute. Perhaps it will behave itself today. I do have another over scheduled day. Work from home, lunch with a friend, walk with another friend (proof that I have at least two friends), manicure/pedicure, and then out for dinner with a third friend (okay, maybe I have three friends total).

Yesterday I got my hair cut. It is exciting to have hair cuts these days. It means several things - my hair has returned, it is no longer really, really, really short but merely short, and it is reverting to its normal color and consistency. These are the important things in life. However, as I have short hair, if I don't get it cut regularly and deal with gel and a hair dryer, I have a tendency to either look like a Dr. Seuss character when it sticks up straight on the top of my head or like the flying nun when it sticks out on the sides (or a weird mutation of both with these occur simultaneously).

I saw this on line yesterday - Yes I do more with my life than surf the internet - but I bet you never knew how they give giant sea turtles a physical either. Anyway, my doctor appointment isn't until Monday. Do I need to write down back pain so I remember to ask about it??? Probably not.

Time for work. My back just started to hurt. Damn.

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