Sunday, February 22, 2009

Something to focus on besides my back!

The marauders have returned. I need to figure out a way to get rid of them. We went out to a party last night and had a very nice time (except my back hurt all night - maybe because I was standing for the first couple of hours). When we got home, there was a bunny rabbit in the garden. I know he is staking out my tulips to decapitate them later on! I need to figure out a way to get him to stay away from my plants. This is very aggravating. I will go check my new Gardens Alive catalog (organic gardening and pest control) to see what I can do. And no the cat is not going to become an outdoor cat just for rabbit control.

Yesterday I was good and I did my exercises twice like I was supposed to. (I haven't done my exercises yet this morning but will as soon as I am done here). My back hurt all day even though I put ice on it twice. Last night it was bad. Today I will not stand around socializing and see if it helps. My real question is how soon do the exercises start having any impact on how I feel? I don't expect them to solve all my problems instantly but is it a few days or a few weeks or somewhere in between? Perhaps I should write this down so I can ask at my next PT trip.

Today, we are going to get a snow storm. (Its Boston, its February, its not surprising.) I do have some work I can do. I also could be productive and fold laundry and stuff. Maybe vacuum. Hmmm... Actually I really need to figure out what to do with my amaryllis and hyacinth that I forced that bloomed and are now done. I want to store them so I can do the same thing next year. But I will start earlier so they bloom closer to the holidays.

I also need to get organized for my oncologist trip tomorrow. I have to organize my lists - of questions, issues, medications, and allergies. I think that's it. The real question is how late will he be running - sometimes I end up waiting for a while for him. But first I will do my exercises and go for a walk.

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