Monday, February 16, 2009

I wore a hair clip yesterday

We were trying on dresses and my sister brought a hair clip that we also used to improvise altering what we tried on. I ended up putting it in my hair a few times. What's the big deal with that? Well that's the first time in a year and a half I COULD wear a hair clip. I plan on moving on to barrettes shortly. And then to a ponytail (I did try one yesterday but it really didn't work - I don't think it counts as a ponytail if you only get about 1/100th of your hair into it... I will work on being patient about this but it does take a LOT of patience here and I think I am running out.)

Today's big excitement is I get to go see the radiation oncologist. My goal is to get out of there with a 'you are doing fine, see you in a year'. None of this 'see you in six months' or 'you need more tests' business. I want a 'just fine, see you in a year'. Why you ask? Because I deserve it! Is there any other reason necessary? I will just go with my little prima donna attitude and get what I want. Actually, I discussed this with my therapist and it is a sign of good medical care when you have lots of follow up appointments. (But I am really sick of going so I am getting a little whiney - in case you hadn't noticed.)

Otherwise, what will I do with my time today? Waste time on line (I'm getting really good at that), do some work maybe, spend some time with my husband. That's about it I think. I have no life.

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