Friday, February 20, 2009

I missed that little voice!

No, not the voices in my head but the little recorded woman's voice that calls (with unknown caller ID and has a little pause before it starts) on the phone and says (and I have it mostly memorized) "Hello. This is Lahey Clinic calling Carolyn (they always say my name wrong). You have an appointment at Lahey Burlington. Please bring your insurance card and medications list with you. Your appointment is at 12:30 on February 23. To confirm your appointment, press 1." Well, maybe this isn't exactly correct but its pretty close.

Last night I was making dinner and the phone rang. I answered and there was a little delay and then the little voice started. I realized as I was listening I used to get phone calls about three times a week with appointment reminders. Since I had my little appointment vacation (which wasn't as long as I wanted it to be), I hadn't been getting the reminder calls and having the privilege of listening to the little voice. Did I miss her? Well maybe. Maybe not. Actually, its a pretty efficient way of making sure you get to your appointments but the problem is its not always correct. Very unhelpful when it calls you and gives the wrong time.

So yesterday I was a little whiney. Today I am somewhat better but I am off to my first physical therapy session - finally. This has dragged out a long time. I will see how I feel after it. Does it hurt when you do this? Before that I have all kinds of work to do because I have procrastinated this week (not I!). And I want to go for a walk. And maybe I need to do a little house cleaning. Perhaps I should get organized first so all of this happens.

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