Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life is not fair

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, life just isn't fair. Last fall, I planted an amaryllis bulb to force for Christmas. Apparently, I have a slow amaryllis because it missed Christmas and is now blooming. What isn't fair is that finally after months of waiting, it bloomed and we are going away for a long weekend tomorrow morning and will miss its blooming.
To add insult to injury, my geranium which spent the summer outside, has now decided to finally bloom inside as well. Perhaps the cat can enjoy them in our absence (and not nibble on their leaves).

In the meantime, yesterday I ran around and did my errands in the morning but when I tried to go to work in the afternoon, the hill we live on was not sanded. I tried to go but ended up sliding back down the hill (I really hate the sliding backwards while in a car business). Today as a result, I need to get to work earlier and see if I can get everything done. I also have finish packing today so we can leave bright and early tomorrow.

Have I mentioned recently that my back hurts? I just wanted to be sure. It hurt a lot last night. Perhaps I did something to aggravate it - like wash the dishes or cook dinner. Anyway, I was not happy so I took a pain pill and found out, they make me fall asleep. So at least I got a relatively good night's sleep for once.

I also managed to waste entirely too much time on the internet yesterday. First I had to check out the new Ocean feature in Google Earth. Its actually pretty cool. If you download the new version, released yesterday, it contains ocean information now with links to video etc. Very cool (and a giant time suck). Then I went to blogs about Google Earth and found out there is another feature on hiking trails so I went down that path of giant internet time suck. Finally, I ended up watching this video on MRIs from the Mayo Clinic. If you have never had an MRI (or have had one and wondered how they really work), this is very informative.

See how much time I am wasting online already and its not even 730am? Time to get moving!!

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