Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am a moron

Yes, a big, fat (well not fat, slightly larger than I want to be), stupid moron. An idiot to be precise. (And I have chemo brain - perhaps that is my excuse.) I went for my PT consult a few weeks ago and got a list of all my appointments, in writing. I even brought a print out of my calendar so they could be scheduled to coincide with the rest of my calendar. I brought home the piece of paper and put them all in my calendar. Then they sent me a computer print out, which I compared to my calendar. Then they called to remind me about my appointment yesterday.

You would think I could get there. No I can't. I am a moron. My appointment yesterday as at 2 pm. I thought it was at 245 because that is what I put in my calendar. At 205 pm I realized I should find my notes from the last PT session and get ready to go as its about 10 minutes away. That is when I realized I had messed up. I am a stupid, stupid moron incapable of writing things into my calendar. I called them to see if I should still come but it was too late. They said to just come on Thursday for my next scheduled session and they will see about rescheduling an additional session later. Tomorrow's session is at 1115am. I just triple checked on my calendar to be sure that I have it correctly.

Okay, now that I have that out of my system I can move on. Well, maybe, I still feel like an idiot for doing such a stupid thing. On the other hand yesterday I did get a phone call for a job interview to do marketing, web stuff, and advertising for two garden centers. This could be a self defeating job. The purpose of a job is to earn money but do I have the will power to work at a garden center, and presumably get a discount, and not spend it all on plants? This would be a test of my moral fortitude (how's that for a fancy term so early in the day?)

Anyway, today I am up early because I have overscheduled myself - now there is a surprise. Here is my schedule today: 7-8am gym, 830am and 9am or 9am and 945 am phone calls, 1030-330 work, stop by RCN office and get new cable box, 4-515 pm support group, 530 make dinner, 7-8pm conference call. I don't think I have left anything out but since I have proven that I am a moron you can't be too sure. Tomorrow is borderline overscheduled - it really depends on how much work I have to do at home in the morning but if I make it through today, I should be okay.

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Daria said...

Don't be so hard on yourself ... be gentle ... we all make mistakes.

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