Sunday, February 15, 2009

I get soooo confused

Yesterday, I had two coupons for Barnes & Noble and a gift card. One of the coupons expired today so I really wanted to go yesterday. My husband declined the opportunity so I went by myself. First of all, it was difficult to get there. Its not far but there was a minor car accident on the other side of the road which resulted in major grid lock so it took entirely too long to actually get there. Upon arrival, I was all discombobulated as the down escalator (which used to be the up escalator) was running up and the up escalator (which used to be the down escalator) was running down. (I get confused every time I go there as a couple of years ago they reversed the escalators for some unknown reason and yesterday's snafu just confused me all the more.)

My first stop was the trashy novel section. Perhaps there is something new and inspirational to be found there. I found one potential tidbit of 'literature'. Then I went off to the health section where I check the cancer books - perhaps they have found one with the 'cure' in it that I need to add to my collection. Call me confused by why was this book, Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds of Ways To Live to Be 100 mixed up in the middle of the cancer collection? There were three copies so it clearly was not a case of someone sticking a single copy back in the wrong place. They should have number one in that book be - DON'T GET CANCER!

After perusing the options in cancer and discovering that there is not a new cure for cancer, I moved on to the cook book collection - one of my favorite stops. (The little voice in my head that is my husband reminding me that I have way too many cook books kicks in and I just browse and contemplate.) While enjoying quality time in my car (a/k/a stuck in traffic) on the way to the store, there was a short blurb on the radio on a book about cooking for better nutrition. I thought what a great idea. I'll have to find a copy while at B&N, with my coupons and gift card, and see if it is worthy of purchase. Well, I thought I was so smart I wouldn't need to write down the title and/or author while in my car because I was going right to the store, but I have chemo brain and the escalator thing confused the crap out of me so I couldn't remember what it was called and wasted a good half hour drooling at cook books while looking for it.

Then I went in pursuit of more 'literature' and was walking around, exploring, instead of heading right to the fiction/romance section. I was actually reading the labels on the shelves: 'Computers and Technology', 'Desktop Publishing', 'Business', 'History', 'New History', 'Poetry'... wait back up - yes it really said 'New History'. Don't they mean 'New Books in History'? Not 'New History' which would be books about last week? See the level of my confusion? I gave up and decided it was time to leave. I quickly found some more literature in the romance section (one book for each coupon).

Trauma then hit, I needed to go downstairs. The down escalator was running up and the up escalator was broken. There are no stairs (clearly an architectural error). There was a GIANT line for the little bitty elevator. So I got in line (but did briefly contemplate sliding down the banister of the escalator). Then I got to stand in the next giant line at the cash registers where a nice man was in front of me with his 3 year old daughter who didn't want to be any where near her father in the store. It wasn't very relaxing. By the time I got to the register, I remembered my coupons but forgot my gift card. Clearly my brain was over capacity by this point.

To further punish myself on a holiday weekend, I decided to take a quick trip to the mall. Why would I go there when there were lines of cars backed up on to the highway because the parking lots were full? Why, why, why? Because I wanted to take a quick look for a dress. However, I was creative and 'made' a parking space rather close in (but nestled right up next to a giant snow drift). There was potential for being blocked in if the car next to me was replaced by a giant SUV, but as the snow was actually melting yesterday, I figured I wouldn't be stuck forever. As luck was with me, I did all my shopping and realized, after seeing someone with an Eddie Bauer bag, that I had discovered recently a two year old merchandise credit for EB in my purse which I had forgotten about (chemo brain again). So at least I used that up. I have a nice pink windproof fleece vest.

Since last night was Valentine's, we actually ate dinner in the dining room using the good china. Why have a dining room and good china if you never use them? It was quite yummy. Tonight we are going out to celebrate valentines. Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment. Gee, can't wait. I have to get my lists together of everything - questions, issues (by the way my back hurts), medications, and allergies. At least this doctor doesn't usually make me wait long and is in the portion of the hospital with its own little bitty parking lot so the OMWAH potential is lower.

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