Thursday, February 5, 2009

Further proof they dont know anything

So today's news has a big article on how they think they finally have caught the Chicago Tylenol killer from 1982. I was actually going to college in southern Wisconsin at the time and we all dutifully threw away our Tylenol capsules. So they are a little slow in the crime solving business sometimes but they always get their man. Isn't that what the FBI says? (Its someone's motto but I have chemo brain and can't remember.)

Also in the news is further proof that they don't know squat about curing cancer. Evidently, what was thought to be a powerful new drug combination for colon cancer, actually makes it worse. They did a little trial and the results looked promising. Then they wanted further testing and found out oopsy, it has the wrong effect. This is a very good example of why you should never believe the little sound bites that come up on the news and why further testing is always good.

In addition, in the news (can you tell I read the paper this morning?) was an article on how seals need to have their teeth brushed too. Our problem is the cat has fish breath just like the seals do. But he will not allow us to brush his teeth. Actually, he doesn't have bad teeth, he has bad gums. My husband's comment after watching this video was 'do they make house calls?'

This morning I am being prodded to get moving. We are going to the Adirondacks for a few days for snow shoeing. Yes, I am taking my back pain in to the great white north. That's okay, I have prescriptions which I am taking too. We are going to stay at the Loj at Heart lake which has no TV, computers, cell phone coverage, radio. But it does have yummy food and prime access to a few billion billion snow flakes which will make us happy. Of course, the flowers are really blooming now and I will miss them.

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