Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cancer is hitting the big time these days - all the headlines

Every time I turn around someone else has died from cancer. Yes its a horrible thing, but we are all going to die sometime. One theory on why so many die from cancer now is that before antibiotics and other drugs, most people died from infections or some other cause. Now modern medicine allows us to live long enough to die from cancer - what is that proverb about being careful of what you ask for?

Anyway, one range of commentary that I keep hearing on the fringes is that 'if so-and-so had opted for another form of treatment, they wouldn't have died'. Excuse me but you should never judge someone for the course of treatment for any disease. Its their body and their choices. And they made the decision. You can inform people of their options but you can't judge them for their choices.

Mary Travers, Patrick Swayze, Ted Kennedy, Peter Jennings and the list goes on and on. They made their choices and did what they could. There is no cure. They can only treat cancer and at best put you into remission or with No Evidence of Disease. If there was a cure, it would be known world wide by now.

Enough ranting, I am on vacation. We are going to the beach. It is not hot, but a beach with tide pools, etc keeps me happy no matter what the weather.

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